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St. Mary's alumni have a unique understanding of the valuable education they receive while attending this school, and the privilege it was to receive it. The school office is constantly flooded with students returning to visit their alma mater, almost always coupled with a (quite braggable) success story. From entrances into (and graduations from) some of the most prestigious and renowned colleges in the country, to employment at well respected companies, to entrepreneurs who have launched successful businesses, to just downright well-rounded people, we have grown to respect what this school does. Each alumnus that calls in or walks through our doors is thankful for the community service experience, excellent educational training, and especially for teachers who cared about their success. It speaks directly to what a powerful organization this school is when its alumni desire to stay in contact with graduates, faculty, staff, and then wish to monetarily give back to the school.

In an effort to build upon the strong alumni base, St. Mary's is already privileged to have, we have launched an official Alumni Association. We wish to corral the success stories, provide a better venue for alumni to stay in touch with both the school and fellow alumni, as well as present the opportunity for alumni to be involved in current students' lives through mentoring and speaking engagements. St. Mary's Alumni Association will act as a catalyst for its already successful alumni to be involved in the current direction of the school as well as to remain connected to the past through friends and faculty.

Join us as we endeavor to make this Alumni Association a success. I would encourage all St. Mary's alumni to tell us about your lives! We want to hear where you are, what you are up to, and where you are working. Tell us about your accomplishments and achievements. St. Mary's alumni is why this organization exists. Help us make it happen.



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Alumni also have access to our Alumni Association LinkedIn group here

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