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The academic program at St. Mary's is thoughtfully integrated both vertically, from Fifth Grade through Senior year, and horizontally, at each grade level.

These three statements guide our work:

Our Mission

St. Mary's School inspires all students to discover their talents in a uniquely responsive Catholic environment.

Portrait of a Graduate

  • A dynamic thinker with the skills and knowledge to ask compelling questions and seek multiple perspectives for the greater good.
  • A lifelong learner whose inherent curiosity ignites a passion for new ideas.
  • A confident leader, who brings groups together to engage in thoughtful dialogue and inspires positive action.
  • A brave explorer who dares greatly, embraces challenges, demonstrates initiative, and is resourceful and resilient.
  • A joyful spirit who holds work and responsibility in balance with time for family, friends, personal interest and spiritual growth.
  • A global citizen who demonstrates empathy and integrity, who lives out the ethics and morals of the Catholic faith and acts as a steward of the Earth’s resources.
  • A caring community member who serves others and contributes to the betterment of society and the world beyond.

Statement of Professional Excellence

St. Mary's teachers inspire students to achieve their full potential in thought, word, and deed. Creative and compassionate, they provide a supportive community that values excellence, integrity, and diversity. Our teachers share a visible enthusiasm for professionalism, innovation, and scholarship.