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Fine Arts

The Fine Arts department strives to awaken in each student the creative joy of making art and to help them develop an appreciation for aesthetics and artistic expression. We offer classes in 2-D and 3-D studio art, choir, orchestra, and band. All Middle School students take courses in music (choir, band, orchestra, or general music) and art. Upper School students are required to take a year of Fine Arts.

The visual art program begins in the Middle School with introductions to design, color, form, line, and texture in various media. In the Upper School, students focus on broadening their technical skills and developing their personal artistic voices through portfolio development.

Most Middle School students take at least one semester of choir, where they learn the fundamentals of choral singing and performance. Upper School students can participate in Upper School Choir, Liturgical Ensemble, and Chamber Choir.

The St. Mary's instrumental music program begins in the Middle School with introductory-level and intermediate band and strings. Upper School ensembles include Jazz Band and Orchestra.