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Our Curriculum - St. Mary's 2.0

Educating the Next Generation of Global Leaders!

If you had the absolute freedom to design the best possible school for students in today’s rapidly changing world, what would you do?

  • What would you want the day-to-day, hour-to-hour experience to be like for your students?
  • What and how would you want them to study and learn?
  • How would your buildings and campus organically enhance that learning experience?
  • What kinds of young people would you like to send out into the world?
The answer is St. Mary's 2.0

Sample Schedules

Middle School Schedules

6th Grade

This is a weekly sample schedule within a single mod.

7th Grade

This is a weekly sample schedule within a single mod.

8th Grade

This is a weekly sample schedule within a single mod.

High School Schedules

  • Content

Below are sample high school schedules.

St. Mary's 2.0 by Peter Zhu '18

Seven Modules per Year

A module is a division of the academic year. A new seven-module school year, with an optional August module, will bring students a proven modular curriculum and humane schedule and calendar with a wide array of new courses.

Each "mod" will be 26 academic days with the exception of the optional August mod which is 14 academic days.

Four Bins per Day

Bins are the time spent each day in a class or activity. The St. Mary's day is divided into four bins.

Three of the bins are 90 minutes in length. These longer bins will allow students to dive more deeply into their core studies. One of the bins each day is 45 minutes long for elective classes that require no homework. In all classes teachers will use diverse methods and forms of assessment to boost student achievement and engagement.


St. Mary’s 2.0 is not just about a new schedule and calendar. The core of the plan is built around a deeper-reaching and more interesting curriculum for students and teachers that fosters the intellectual curiosity of our children, promotes the well-being of our students, and provides them with choice and focus in their learning experience.

The schedule and calendar facilitate what we know to be best for how children learn in the 21st century.